Armed Forces Dog Tag Formats

Find the US Military armed forces dog tag formats and customize your very own armed forces dog tags. Howling Hound Dog Tag Depot proudly supports our troops
NOTE: We recommend replacing Social Security Number with Phone Number.

WWII with Notch
1. First Name, Initial, Surname
2. Serial No. Inoculation, Blood type
3. Next of Kin
4. Address of Next of Kin
5. Address, Religion

U.S. Army format
1. Surname
2. First Name, middle initial
3. Social Security Number
4. Blood Type
5. Religion

U.S. Air Force
1. Surname
2. First Name, middle initial
3. Social Security Number, followed by the letters AF
4. Blood Type
5. Religion

U.S. Marines
1. Surname
2. First and Middle initials and suffix, blood group
3. Social Security number with no dashes or spaces.
4. Branch ( USMC ); Gas Mask Size, SM, MED, LG
5. Religious Preference, or medical allergy if red medical tag.

U.S. Navy
1. Surname, First name, Middle initial
2. “Blank”
3. Social Security Number, no dashes or spaces followed by USN, space blood type.
4. “Blank”
5. Religion

U.S. Coast Guard
1. Surname, First name, middle initial
2. Social Security Number, no spaces or dashes followed by USCG
3. Blood Type
4. “Blank”
5. Religion

Special Forces ( Black Tag )
Similar format as others, used by
Delta Force, Navy Seals, Green Beret, Commandos
And the Army Rangers. Black Tags are a dull finish so it’s
Non reflective.